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Kids Country Launch Breakfast Week

On Monday 23rd January the team from Kids Country visited school to launch Breakfast Week.  The team ran 4 different workshops during the morning, which all the children had a chance to take part in.

Pancake Making

The children learnt what ingredients you need to make a pancake and where those ingredients come from.  How many cups of milk can one cow provide each day?  Where does flour come from?  How many eggs will one chicken lay during its lifetime? 
The children then helped make and cook pancakes which they were able to eat, with a variety of healthy toppings.

A Meter Square

Here the children found out how much seed, rain and sunshine is needed for crops to grow a meter square.

Oats and Bacon

In this workshop the children were taught about where bacon comes from. They completed puzzles, working out which cuts of pork come from which areas of the pig.  Kids Country helpers made bacon sandwiches and porridge for the children to taste as an alternative to cereals.  The team also talked about what ingredients can be found in different breakfasts.


A big thank you to Mr Hind (Matilda’s and Lizzy’s Dad) who let us borrow one of his tractors for the morning.  The children learnt about how the tractor is used and that these days tractors have a lot of computers on board, which help farmers do their job.  Maybe someday tractors might even drive themselves.

Mr Clarke, Head Teacher of Bythams Primary School added, “What a fantastic morning for the staff and children.  We have had lots of hands on, practical fun learning all about the importance of a healthy breakfast as well as finding out all about where our food comes from and how hard farmers have to work to put the delicious, healthy food on our plates.  A massive thank you to Sandra Lauridsen and the rest of the Kid’s Country team for giving the Bythams an amazing, memorable morning! That was the best bacon butty I have ever tasted!

Mr Wilkins, Foxes class teacher “Every session was interactive and allowed children to engage with learning. Preparing food and solving problems catered for every child and everyone enjoyed eating the delicious food.  The topics were aimed at the children’s understanding and allowed links to be made in the wider community.  Each team member had a vast amount of knowledge about their subject and allowed children to answer questions and share ideas throughout.  It was a wonderful and engaging morning and we can’t wait until next year.

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