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Bythams Superstars

It was the Bythams end of year celebration assembly and awards were given out for Writer of the Term and 100% Attendance for the term and the year! There was also a special trophy that goes out each year to the Bythams Superstar for each year group and a Super Superstar award for the year 6 pupil that is a fantastic role model for the whole of the school.

  • The Writer of the term awards went to: Robin Loughran (Hedgehogs); Lily-anna Teillant (Squirrels); Matilda Hind (Foxes) and Grace Stevenson.
  • The children with 100% attendance also received an award.
  • The Bythams Superstars for 2018/19 are:
    • Mary Bannister and Esther Rees (Hedgehogs);
    • Sam Pollard-Jarman and Lydia Rees (Squirrels);
    • Tallulah Burke and Jess Pearsall (Foxes) and
    • Ronnie Wakefield (Badgers).

The Bythams Super Superstar trophy was awarded to Amelia Blake.

Congratulations to all of the Superstars and also to the Green Team who won the House Trophy for Team of the Year!