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Enrichment Day

Nature Trail

We had a wonderful day out on our Nature Trail.  We went for an exploration in a circular route around approximately 4 miles of local countryside.  Along the way we collected treasures with which to fill our journey jars, spelled out the letters of ‘Bythams’ using thing we found along the way and had a go at tree and leaf rubbings.  We stopped for a picnic in a field and identified the trees we saw using our leaf guides.  We also did a scavenger hunt, managing to tick off all the items, which included a rock big enough to jump off; 4 different types of birds; leaves which weren’t green and something unexpected! In our group, we had children from Reception to Year 6, none of whom complained of aching legs!  What an amazing day out!

Foxes Class – Computing with Mrs Jack

We had a wide range of computing activities for the children to do.

Firstly, we used the Spheros to create a large-scale piece of artwork; this was done by coating them in paint and creating a large abstract piece of work in the style of Jackson Pollack.

We had activities such as using Osmo; the green screen; huge courses drawn for the Bee Bots to follow; garage band and looking at a range of apps on the iPads.

To finish off everyone had a chance to fly a drone. Unfortunately, due to the wind, we were unable to fly it outside so flew it down the corridor in school!

It was very enjoyable day had by all, and lots of new skills learnt in an interactive and engaging way.