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World Book Day

It was World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March and to celebrate this special day, all of the children and staff of Bythams Primary School arrived at school dressed as their favourite book characters. As you can see from the class pictures, there was a wide range of characters including witches, wizards, superheroes, jedi knights, mermaids, princesses and some traditional characters like Sherlock Holmes and we even had a Tom Sawyer! In Year 5 and 6 we had Annie (Macy Rodaway, aged 11) who said, “I really love World Book Day because you get a chance to dress up as your favourite character and you get a chance to see everybody else’s costumes. All of the children and even the staff made a real effort this year. It’s awesome!”

Lily Barrett(aged 10) who dressed up as Nya the Lego Ninjago added, “I love reading books and I love dressing up so it is a great day for me, mixing them both up! I’m looking forward to sharing my favourite book with some of my school friends!”

In the afternoon, the children were all split into different age groups and they had the chance to share their favourite stories and discuss their favourite characters and why they love reading.

World Book Day at Bythams was a huge success and anything that encourages children to read more is a fantastic idea!