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WOW Days

Wow Day 7th and 8th February

This term’s Wow days are all about being healthy. We began the days with 2 house colours going up against each other in a Ready Steady Cook. On Wednesday Yellow house went up against Blue house. Yellow’s Mrs Wilson (with house captains Holly Pollard-Jarman and Egan Batty) cooked Kedgeree whilst Blue’s Mrs Hardie (with house captains Georgia Wakefield and Laura Jackson) cooked a Spaghetti Omelette.

On Thursday it was Greens versus Reds. On the Red team with Mr Wilkins were Lilly Barratt and Isaac Woodward. They cooked a delicious Spanish Omelette. Green team, led by Mrs Marshall were helped by Jessica Parker and Poppie Read and they cook a Malaysian Sweet and Sour pork dish, served with bulgar wheat .

Thank you to our governors, Sara Walters and Jeremy Millar, for coming to see what goes on and for helping the children with their activities on Wednesday. On Thursday, our Chair of Governors, Mrs Fiona Allett also came to lend a hand.

Read Laura's WOW Day report.

Kedgeree Recipe

Spaghetti Omelette Recipe

Malaysian Sweet Sour Pork Recipe

Yellow WOW day

For yellow WOW day we were looking at healthy minds. We had a number of activities that we did in a round robin so all could have a go at every activity. The first one was a quest to find the name of a famous person with a great mind – Einstein. The children searched clues, left around the school, and had to solve the problems to collect a letter of the name, and find where the next clue was hidden.

We also had a shape problem where they had to try and fit all the various shaped pieces into a rectangle with no gaps! We had sudukos and kakuros to solve and a course around which to steer a sphero (without crashing!).

For the younger children they had symmetrical patterns to make with coloured tubes on peg boards. Finally, there were a number of logic problems to try and solve. Alice Barratt and Kuba Doran were jubilant that they were able to complete a 9x9 suduko by the end of the day (with a little help from Mrs Wilson). Lucas Carr said that he really had fun and hopefully gave his brain a work out too!

Green Activities for our Wow Days

During our Wow days we have been making a healthy fruit kebab. We used the website from Aldi called ‘Get Set to Eat Fresh’, which showed the children how to cut correctly with a knife.

The children designed their fruit kebab and wrote how to make a kebab.

After making their yummy kebab they eagerly ate it and then made a pledge to swap an unhealthy snack for something more healthy. We agreed it was fine to eat treats some of the time though!

The children safely made their kebabs and enjoyed all of the activities.

Blue House Wow activities

The Blue House activity focussed on healthy bodies.

To start with, we discussed which parts of our bodies needs to be health. We talked about the heart and lungs as they are vital organs. We also talked about muscles and bones and how they can help keep our body moving so they need to be healthy too.

First of all, we exercised our heart. We set up a circuit of exercises and did short bursts of exercise. We also talked about how our heart rate changed at different times during the session.

Later, we moved on to exercising our muscles. We used different positions to help stretch our muscles and make them stronger. Although we weren’t completely breathless, we were still working hard to make sure our muscles were being used.

Individual Liberty

With Mrs Hardie and Mrs Shepherd we were thinking about Individual Liberty.

We looked at the story of Elmer and how he was allowed to be an individual and unique. We shared our own personal likes- food, animals, sport, hobbies and books.  From this we made beautiful identity tags about ourselves.

We listened to the teacher’s instructions, and drew what was described on whiteboards. Our results were all very different, showing how we have the freedom to express our own ideas. We continued this in pairs, giving each other instructions.

As a whole school, we created an ‘Individual Liberty Tree’ out of our handprints to remind us that, as individuals, we create a fantastic community at The Bythams.

Tolerance and Respect

The children recalled the many different faiths that are in the world and in Britain today. As our Wow Days also coincided with the Hindu festival of Diwali, the children learned a little about this festival in order that they could foster tolerance, respect and an understanding that not everyone has the same faith.

There were many activities the children did during this session. They loved dressing up and learning some Bollywood dance moves.

Everyone used clay and glitter to make candle holders, such as the Diva lamps Hindus use in the Diwali festival. It was suggested these lamp holders could be used in the Christian celebration of Christmas.

The children made rangoli patterns and Diwali cards.

After watching a little girl and her family celebrate Diwali, they noticed that Hindus often used henna to decorate their hands, so the children drew around their hands on paper and decorated these too.

Rule of Law

For Mrs Wilson’s wow day we looked at the British value of Rule of Law. First we watched a video of a group of 5 year olds being tempted by a chocolate cake that they were told not to touch! We then discussed what life would be like without any rules or laws. Next we talked about the history of laws in this country, how they are constantly changing and how different countries have different laws that can seem very strange to us.

We then split into mixed age groups and designed and made board games which reflected the Rules of Law. Their creations were wonderfully imaginative and colourful.

Some of the Reception children also followed the rules to play an exciting game of Snakes and Ladders!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the days. “I really liked it because it was really creative and you learned a lot.” said Georgia (Year 6). Noah (Year 4) added “I liked it because it lets you set your imagination free.”