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Badgers Class

Welcome from Mrs Jack, Mrs Lovesey and all the Year 5 and Year 6 children of Badgers Class.

This term Badgers Class has been working very hard completing their biographies of Henry VIII. They started this term with a surprise visit from Henry VIII, who was very frail and injured, as he ordered them to write a biography of this life. He visited the class again during the last week of term and was presented the finished book. This book was no ordinary book; it was filled with fantastic work from all of the children and given to him during a feast. This feast was prepared by the children and thoroughly enjoyed as they also got to eat the food; luckily no one was beheaded for appalling work and could attend this feast. They cooked: roast chicken, roast pheasant, carrots, cabbage, roast potatoes and had jelly creations for dessert. A special cake was also made by a pupil; one in the shape of a Tudor Rose. It was a truly fantastic end to a very good, yet busy, topic – the children definitely deserved the treat!

We also have some fantastic work from children for their topic homework; a wide range and materials. These are some examples below:

Off with Her Head!

Burghley House

What sort of man would order the beheading of his wife? Was she really that bad? This term we are travelling back in time to the 1500s and meeting the terrifying Tudors, a domineering dynasty that changed our history. We are discovering an opulent court where dancing and singing goes hand in hand with swift falls from favour-and even swifter falling of heads!

We began this topic with a brilliant trip to Burghley House. During this day we took part in the trial of Henry VIII, and we found him GUILTY! We then learnt a Tudor dance, which was rather reluctantly done with girl/boy partners, but was still thoroughly enjoyed. Following this Tudor games were played. We looked around the kitchens, and learnt what it was like to work in them during the Tudor times, after that talk no one was volunteering to turn the spit in front of the fire!

After a lunch break we attended a feast and learned why people sat in certain places and what foods would have been on offer during a Tudor feast. Swan, pheasant and a wild boar’s head all appeared on a Tudor table. We finished the day with attending a session with the Tudor doctor, and witnessed some real Tudor cures. Next time your child is ill, you can use a warm onion for ear ache, butter and a spider for a cough (place these down their throat) or even a stone from a swallow to cure madness. It was a fantastic day had by all children and a lot of information was learnt to use during this topic, when we write a biography about Henry VIII.

This term’s topic homework was to make a Tudor rose. This rose can be made out of any material you can image and will be brought in to decorate the room when we will be having a feast at the end of term. We have already had an early project brought back and the stop/start animation is below for you to look at.

Frozen Kingdom Update

On the last Thursday of term Badgers’ class invited parents to come and see what work they have been up to all term. However it wasn’t that simple – they wanted to showcase how brilliant they were and to serve ice cream they made to the parents. In order to do this, we had to find the ice cream recipe, ingredients and bring in several machines to make the delicious ice cream! During the morning they created bespoke labels on their ice cream tubs, this involved looking at other popular brands and analysing what worked best for them and their target audience. During this period everyone made the ice cream mixture, and chopped the toppings to go with the ice cream. Once it was frozen and taken out of the machine the temptation to each the scrumptious mixture was so hard (however we did manage to taste test a little…).

Everyone helped set up the classroom, firstly we had the children’s writing folders out to look at, these showed the writing progress throughout their time at school. Furthermore we had the science experiment we did during this term, this was part of the BBC Terrific Scientific, where you have to place blue food colouring on your tongue to see if you are a super taster or not. (It was best to do this before you ate the ice cream as the food colouring didn’t taste very nice!) Also on display was a variety of facts and resources from the topic, but most importantly was the model of the Titanic. This term’s topic homework was to create a room in the Titanic, 1st, 2nd or 3rd class. These were put together to create a huge model of the Titanic – and it looked fantastic!

The children showed their parents around the classroom, looked at the displays and the above environments, it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase how amazing and hard working the children have been this last term. The parents all had fantastic feedback, making the children so proud of themselves. They were very surprised by the full turn out as majority of parents came, so a big thank you to those who came.

This is why we have a creative curriculum; it enhances the children’s learning and provides full emersion in a topic to inspire passion and interest in new experiences.

“Warning iceberg dead ahead!”

On the first day back the children boarded the ship to embark on a journey to New York in the famous ship; the Titanic. The children came dressed for the part with their boarding passes depending what class their ticket said. It was a fantastic day.

The classroom was divided into the first and second class lounge and dining areas however the third class had a restricted area away from the others. Breakfast was served to the passengers: third class was plain porridge out of mess tins; second class had sausages, bacons and beans; but first class was waitered on by Mr Clarke and had their orders taken so they could be served the most luxurious breakfast of all the classes.

The journey didn’t end there. First class was able to retire to the lounge to play cards and third class laughed and danced to folk music.

Until…..ICEBERG! We hit an iceberg and ice was thrown across the classroom.

The children slowly evacuated, third class was rather panicked as they were getting wet! Evacuation took place, but with limited lifeboats and time, not all children made it to safety.

They experienced life on the Titanic, in the lifeboats, or their escape on the green screen so it looked like they were really on board the Titanic.

Fallen Fields

It is 15th August 1916 in Somme, France. The troops are ready for their next battle. They are preparing themselves in the trenches, devising battle plans and eating their last rations. Soon they will leave the safety of trenches and embark on the battle of a lifetime…

Badgers fundraising week for British Heart Foundation

Badgers class have been learning about the heart, circulatory system and about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As part of this topic they were set a challenge; to organise and plan their own fundraising day for the British Heart Foundation (BHF). The first day was launched when Helena Mair, Fundraising Manager for Lincolnshire, came to give a presentation to the class. She talked about the amazing, and lifesaving, work BHF do for thousands of people. The children improved their knowledge of the heart and a healthy lifestyle; it caused them to be truly inspired to fundraise for a very important cause.

It was all down to the children, they wrote letters to parents to inform them of their ideas and games they organised. They decided to have a ‘Dress Up in Red!” non-uniform day, and planned a variety of games for the whole school to play during the afternoon. They planned them around the theme of ‘hearts’. There were several games; one group made wooden hearts, for ‘Hook a Heart’; ‘Cell Shoot’ sent a cell firing through their air; and ‘”Heavy Heart” comprised of guessing the weight of a lambs heart and lungs. They were only a few examples of the games available; the children who came to play the games didn’t want to go back inside.

The day did not end with the school bell. Weekly children go out to the school’s ‘Mini Spinney’ to participate in Forest School sessions. During these sessions this term, they made their own sculptures based on the same topic of ‘Hearts’. Parents were invited to visit Bythams first sculpture trail and read the explanations next to each one to learn what inspired the children. Thank you to those parents who came and looked around.

It was a truly magical day, where the children rose to the challenge and they were perfect role model to the younger children, as well as fundraising for The British Heart Foundation. The 21 children in Badgers class raised £124.64 which was brilliant for an afternoon of fundraising!

Harvest Festival

Blood Heart

Crimson, scarlet, burgundy, cherry…blood flows through our bodies in all its vibrant shades of red. We have begun this school year looking at our circulation system. Our topic is called Blood Heart and we have already begun by dissecting a pig’s heart where we looked at the veins, arteries and chambers up close. Following on from this we are made atomically correct models of the heart out of clay. Computing Club even turned these hearts into a stop start animation.

We have continued looking at the circulatory system by looking at how everything fits together, how all the organs are linked and the functions and purpose of them. The knowledge the children have gained this term is outstanding. We applied this knowledge to drawing life size scales of the circulatory system.

Forest School

As part of our Forest School afternoons we have been building sculptures out of natural materials, all under the theme of our topic, Blood Heart. We have been using saws, hammers, glue and pyrography pens to create these masterpieces. Some children made giant wooden hearts and covered them in acorns, leaves and pine cones, others a ginormous bike where they looked how exercise makes a healthy heart. We concluding the project by opening the sculpture trail for parents to come and look around.

Growth Mind Set

At the Bythams Primary School we believe in a creative curriculum to engage the children. As part of this we are encouraging the children to develop a ‘Growth Mind set’. This is when children keep on trying to develop and improve, learning how they learn best and thinking about what they need to do next.

This website link to CBeebies explains the idea of a growth mind set really clearly have a look at how this really encourages children to think and learn. Growth Mind set link.

Mental Maths Bootcamp

Maths Boot Camp is a series of activites to aid year 6 SATs - by the end of Boot Camp, all past Maths SATs papers will have been completed. It can be carried out in class with your teacher, or on your own at home: Read instructions. The first 6 days of Maths Boot Camp are free.

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