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Badgers Class

Hello and welcome from Mrs Hardie, Mrs Shepherd, Mrs Lovesey and all the children in Badgers’ class.

Year 5 STEM trip to Casterton

We started the day in the hall with an enthusiastic introduction by Mr Smith (Headteacher). Castertons word of the week was ‘Neophyte’ meaning ‘a person who is new to a subject or activity’.

Session one was with Miss D’Costa (Maths) focusing on engineering.

  • Brainstorm ‘What is engineering?’
  • in teams, build a structure that can transform hold the weight of a tennis ball for 10 seconds.  Each team was assessed on structure, cost and aesthetics.

Mrs D’Costa said our group had been excellent and would like to see Bytham’s pupils attending Casterton in the future.

Mr Pear’s Chemistry session focused on evidence at crime scenes and clothing (dye) that might be left behind.

  • Predict what might happen if droplets of water are added to coloured sweets (M&Ms)
  • Brainstorm activity ‘What evidence might be left at a crime scene?’
  • Use Chromatography paper in an experiment using coloured dye and water

Lunch on the field.

Mrs Taylor-Sneddon’s Biology activity involved drawing an outline of the smallest person in their group on a very large piece of paper.  From memory, the groups had to draw body organs on the outline. Medical conditions and scars came in very handed for this task! Each masterpiece was judged at the end of the day by the science department.

Star Dome from Wonder Dome -
Ben talked about space and briefed us on the Star Dome etiquette.  Inside the dome we were given an explanation of the solar system, Milky Way and planets. 

Last session of the day - Engineering with Mr Shirley.
The students made a mini Anglepoise Lamp to take home

  • Mr Shirley told us about the engineer George Carwardine (1887-1947).  He used vehicle suspension systems to design the Anglepoise lamp.
  • The Anglepoise Lamp is a famous image used as a character at the beginning of Disney Pixar films
  • Each student had their own collection of items to make a lamp. They were assisted by year 9 helpers.

Overall an excellent day, staff and students were very welcoming and made the day a fantastic STEM experience.

By Mrs White.

Gallery Rebels

This terms topic is Gallery Rebels which will give us the opportunities to explore different artists, genres and techniques. We have already enjoyed sessions looking at impressionism and expressionism. In our Forest School sessions, we have also studied Andy Goldsworthy and the genre of transient art (a non-permanent piece, using natural materials, that will evolve over time).

We also had a go at creating our own pieces in small groups, using Goldsworthy art as inspiration. As a class, we created one very large, beautifully coloured star. It looked fantastic and, true to the nature of the genre, the materials made their way back into the Mini Spinney.


To kick off our very busy term, Year 5 and 6 children travelled to Dearne Valley Kingswood, for several days of team building and challenging activities. We walked the low ropes, gave a helping hand to friends and sought new heights (on the top of crates). There was laughter, support and maybe a little water sprayed along the way. It was a fantastic start to the last term of the school year!

Our Week 18 May

Unsurprisingly, the SAT’s tests were the focus of several mornings this week. To start the day in a positive way we held a Breakfast Club, allowing everyone to settle in with friends and enjoy breakfast together.

Alongside the SAT’s  this week, our class has been busy sharing their Allotment Topic homework. Poppie, Ashleigh and Dan had made bird feeders for our school garden – as you can see in the photo Dan designed and made his own fat ball feeder from scrap wood and then made the fat balls to fill it.

In Literacy, after listening to the book “The Red Prince”, the class took different character roles and played these while answering questions from each other. They also made a “Conscience walk” for a range of characters. In this the character moves slowly down the walk listening to the opinions of the other characters on their actions.

Our grand finale, after such a busy week, was a trip to the Spinney with the Y6’s. They searched for mystery objects, played invasion games and tested their teamwork with competitions. A great morning!


Our Week 11 May

Allotment’ is the topic for our class this term – we are enjoying the wide range of learning so far. We learnt about the Green Backyard project in Peterborough (with help from Isaac who is a regular there) and debated the pros and cons of providing a green space for people versus housing and retail development on the plot.

Our photo shows the resulting whole class debate, chaired by Mrs Shepherd. Homework for this topic has once again brought out the creative side of our pupils; many have made bird boxes and feeders, others flower arrangements. Amelia brought in a flower arrangement plus extra oasis for a friend to use. Matilda and Amelia picked flowers from the school garden and demonstrated how to arrange them, to the whole class, resulting in requests to buy oasis for school so everyone could try it!


The May Fair dance has progressed rapidly, bringing increased confidence to our one or two nervous dancers. It has also  provided an opportunity for great teamwork as pupils have explained and demonstrated the moves to each other. In addition, rotas have been drawn up for our football stall and preparations have gone ahead for the bottle tombola – excellent for discussing ratios and chance. We are looking forward to the big day!  


The ‘Beast from the East’ did not stop us opening today, and what an extraordinary day it was. Both Badgers and Foxes classes joined and had a snow-filled day. We enjoyed team-building activities outside in the snow, which of course included a few snowmen and snow angels, as well key team working skills. We then completed Snow themed lessons together in maths and English, incorporating the fantastic learning opportunity the snow provides.

Snowy Shortbread 28 February

After a hand-warming hot chocolate, the Year 6 pupils moved on to Maths. The children have been exploring proportion and capacity in their lessons. Whilst baking delicious “Snowy Shortbread” for the whole school, the children calculated the number of adults and children in school today and then used these figures to make sufficient quantities of shortbread. These were enjoyed by everyone after their fun-filled Break in the snow!

Sphero Fun

In preparation for deep space exploration, we have been practising our driving skills. Using a Sphero, children had to navigate an obstacle course. This will be useful when we have to write the programmes for our planet rovers next term.

Creating Planets 31 January

This week in Forest School, children in Badgers class created planets to hang in the Mini Spinney. They used materials they could find in the Mini Spinney to make an image of a given planet. At the end of the lesson, the solar system was put on show.


This term we are studying space. We also have our chance to gain some extra Forest school skills with Libby and Steve from outdoor adventures. So far we have created our own planet terrains using materials we could find. We spent a session, in The Spinney, making satellite dishes. Each group was given a starter pack of bamboo sticks and a paper plate. The rest was up to them. There were some excellent knots holding the sticks together to get the satellite dishes as high as possible.

As a reward for filling the class jar with reward stars, we enjoyed smores during one session. This led to some very sticky, but happy, faces. 

Fabulous Stibbington

In December, Badgers class went to Stibbington and we role played being World War Two children that have been evacuated. I played Rose Graham.

First, we met Mr Stafford and he showed us around the village. Mr Stafford was a Billeting officer and a Headteacher. We were walking in the rain round the village and we stopped at the church. We all went in the church and Mr Stafford talked to us about it and what happened to the children. During the walk, we stopped at some houses and Mr Stafford said who was evacuated where.

After a while, we went to Stibbington School, Mr Stafford taught us. First, we learnt a song called “It’s a long way to Tipperary”. It was a good song and I enjoyed it. After that, there were spellings that we needed to practise aloud several times. We used an ink pen to do handwriting and used blotting paper to blob off the extra ink. It was fun using the ink, I have never written in ink before! I loved it.

Next, we did gas mask training. Mr Stafford rattled the brown, noisy rattle and we all had to carefully put our gas masks on. Before that, Mr Stafford taught us how to wear them. When he rang the bell we could take them off.

After that, we were allowed to write postcards to our parents to tell them we were safe. While we were writing, an air raid warning went off and all of us had to run to an air raid shelter. To scare Hitler away, we sang a song about him, then went back to the classroom.

Later, it was lunch time and the food was delicious! We all had spam sandwiches, jam sandwiches and cheese sandwiches. For pudding we had spice cake and an apple. In addition, play time was fun. We all played different games and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Afterwards, we had to get ready for our guardians. Our guardians came and we pretended to go to our homes. I did feel nervous when Mr Stafford called our guardians in.


To conclude, I had a brilliant day and I didn’t care if I walked in the rain!

By Georgia Wakefield

Plague investigation

At the end of the project, we have been investigating the issues surrounding an excavation of a medieval burial ground. We have discussed the risk to the public and the current medical ability to cope with the plague.  What if it hit London again? Would it spread as slowly as in the 14th century? How have our living conditions changed and what affect has this had on diseases like Yersinia Pestis?

Homework projects

Towards the end of the term, children have been bringing in their homework projects. The plague doctors have been seen on their rounds, with some unfortunate news for a few people. We have also had a plague of rats made from Lego, old teddy bears and some were edible. Well done, Badgers, you have set the standard for next term!