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Badgers Class

Hello and welcome from Mrs Hardie, Mrs Shepherd, Mrs Lovesey and all the children in Badgers’ class.

Plague investigation

At the end of the project, we have been investigating the issues surrounding an excavation of a medieval burial ground. We have discussed the risk to the public and the current medical ability to cope with the plague.  What if it hit London again? Would it spread as slowly as in the 14th century? How have our living conditions changed and what affect has this had on diseases like Yersinia Pestis?

Homework projects

Towards the end of the term, children have been bringing in their homework projects. The plague doctors have been seen on their rounds, with some unfortunate news for a few people. We have also had a plague of rats made from Lego, old teddy bears and some were edible. Well done, Badgers, you have set the standard for next term!