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Exciting Enrichment Day at Bythams

On Thursday 19th May, the children of Bythams Primary School had their Enrichment Day. This is a special day for the school because the children are immersed in a wide variety of activities and can vote for their choice of activity. This year the activities were: Tennis and Sports fun, Forest School, Arts and Crafts and American Games. All of the children received their first choice of activity and it was a fun-filled, exciting day for all.

Anyone for Tennis?

Mr Clarke and a group of budding Wimbledon Superstars had a great day playing on the Witham on the Hill tennis courts. As well as improving backhand, forehand, serving and volleying techniques, there was a chance to play a Wimbledon style tournament for singles and doubles with a medal for the winners of the Year 6 and the Year 3/4/5 tournament. It was a close competition but played in a true sporting spirit. Zak Teillant won the Year 6 title and Seb Duxbury was victorious in the Year 3/4/5 competition. Wilfred Stafford said, “We all had a fantastic day and it was really great to play on full size tennis courts and play by the proper tennis rules. I really improved over the day, especially my backhand.” Watch out Andy Murray, The Bythams are after you!

Fantastic Forest School

Luckily, the rain stayed away and the sun came out as we spent all day out in the woods doing Forest Schools. We had an action packed day, which both adults and children were well and truly tired towards the end of it! We had a fire going all day so we could have hot chocolates, s’mores and we also made gooey chocolate cake cooked in oranges. Our main project was to make a mud kitchen; we used the saws, drills, hammers and most importantly team work to create it. It turned out to be a brilliant addition to our Mini Spinney as the children did a fantastic job! Furthermore children had rope and tarpaulin to create large dens, in which some even chose to eat their lunch in. We went mini beast hunting, whittled sticks, used charcoal and pens for drawing and had a range of books to relax in their quiet spot in the woods. If that wasn’t enough we even said stories and sang songs around the fire. It was a truly spectacular day where children learnt so much in a thoroughly enjoyable way.

I really like what the teachers had planned for Forest Schools. We had hot chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate cake, we made the mud kitchen and making dens. It is a very good school at the Bythams!” Isaac

Yesterday on Enrichment Day was a good day because I was on Forest School, but the best thing was the respecting each other. It was the best day EVER!” Olivia

Amazing Art and Creative Crafts

Arts and crafts is a fantastic theme for an enrichment day. As well as making clay figures or utensils, children had the opportunity to have a go at crochet. It was not easy but everyone had a good go, some even managed a double crochet or two. Rice bags were emptied into socks to create puppets using materials and buttons for decoration. The main event was the Jackson Pollock area outside in the sunshine. Paint was thrown around, on purpose, to create fantastic pieces of abstract art and Lilly B commented, ‘It shows our individuality.’ It was messy but it was so much fun. 

Film Making

On Thursday 19th May, for enrichment day, I did a day of film-making.  The aim was to hone the skills the children had learned whilst making films in class.  I let them work in pairs or by themselves to make their very own stop-motion animation film.  They all decided that working with lego would be a good idea and I set up the green screen for those that wanted to use it to have different backgrounds.  The children decided on their own stories, built their lego models, found their backgrounds and then photographed their own stop-motion sequence.  They then used either the Lego Movie App or i-Movie to bring it all together, add a title and music.  Finally I burnt a copy for each of them on DVD to take home.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the day, Alfie said that it was his best day at school so far. 

Go Go USA Games

We had great fun on our enrichment day, although the children were very tired at the end. The day started by getting into two teams, after which we had a game of dodgeball, the children were very competitive and the game finished in a draw. We then had a break for some good old American S’mores using chocolate, marshmallows and crème crackers. The children enjoyed toasting their marshmallows around the campfire.
To cool off, we had a water fight; over 100 water bombs were gone in just a few seconds. After lunch we played capture flag on the field behind school. The owner was very kind and gave us permission to use it, thank you very much. The children were very grateful and loved the use of the big field. The long grass made it hard for the teams to see one another and meant that they could be sneaky by hiding in the grass.   To finish the day we had some good old American candy to give us some much needed energy.

Oscar Hodge “That was the best day ever.”

Max Goring “This has been so cool, I love it!