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Foxes Class

Foxes are a happy and lively class where fun goes hand in hand with the learning. This class is made up of year 4 and 5 children. Mrs Jack is the teacher and there are two brilliant teaching assistants, Mrs White and Mrs Blewett. Take a look at some of the photos below and see how exciting their days can be!

Videos for the performance

Year 5 STEM trip to Casterton

We started the day in the hall with an enthusiastic introduction by Mr Smith (Headteacher). Castertons word of the week was ‘Neophyte’ meaning ‘a person who is new to a subject or activity’.

Session one was with Miss D’Costa (Maths) focusing on engineering.

  • Brainstorm ‘What is engineering?’
  • in teams, build a structure that can transform hold the weight of a tennis ball for 10 seconds.  Each team was assessed on structure, cost and aesthetics.

Mrs D’Costa said our group had been excellent and would like to see Bytham’s pupils attending Casterton in the future.

Mr Pear’s Chemistry session focused on evidence at crime scenes and clothing (dye) that might be left behind.

  • Predict what might happen if droplets of water are added to coloured sweets (M&Ms)
  • Brainstorm activity ‘What evidence might be left at a crime scene?’
  • Use Chromatography paper in an experiment using coloured dye and water

Lunch on the field.

Mrs Taylor-Sneddon’s Biology activity involved drawing an outline of the smallest person in their group on a very large piece of paper.  From memory, the groups had to draw body organs on the outline. Medical conditions and scars came in very handed for this task! Each masterpiece was judged at the end of the day by the science department.

Star Dome from Wonder Dome -
Ben talked about space and briefed us on the Star Dome etiquette.  Inside the dome we were given an explanation of the solar system, Milky Way and planets. 

Last session of the day - Engineering with Mr Shirley.
The students made a mini Anglepoise Lamp to take home

  • Mr Shirley told us about the engineer George Carwardine (1887-1947).  He used vehicle suspension systems to design the Anglepoise lamp.
  • The Anglepoise Lamp is a famous image used as a character at the beginning of Disney Pixar films
  • Each student had their own collection of items to make a lamp. They were assisted by year 9 helpers.

Overall an excellent day, staff and students were very welcoming and made the day a fantastic STEM experience.

By Mrs White.

Plastic Sea creatures

We are entering a competition called Authors4Oceans, the aim of this was to create a brilliant sculpture of an endangered sea creature or seabird from plastic rubbish. This competition highlights the problem plastic has on the oceans.

Over the past term everyone has been bringing in plastic to use to create these sculptures. Today the year 4 children had to chance to make them. They split off into groups, the only rules were it had to be made out only from recycled plastic! The creations they made were wonderful and you can see them below in the photographs.

Forest Schools – Camp fire donuts!

Today the year 4 and 6 children had a joint session in the woods making camp fire donuts. They also got the opportunity to make dens. Some made a home for a fox, an elf and even a penguin they made earlier in the day!
The campfire donuts were a brilliant success. Firstly they had to make their own jam sandwiches. These were then coated in batter and cooked on the fire. They tasted just like warm donuts and were a huge hit!

See the Camp Fire Donuts recipe

Enrichment Day – Computing with Mrs Jack

We had a wide range of computing activities for the children to do.

Firstly, we used the Spheros to create a large-scale piece of artwork; this was done by coating them in paint and creating a large abstract piece of work in the style of Jackson Pollack.

We had activities such as using Osmo; the green screen; huge courses drawn for the Bee Bots to follow; garage band and looking at a range of apps on the iPads.

To finish off everyone had a chance to fly a drone. Unfortunately, due to the wind, we were unable to fly it outside so flew it down the corridor in school!

It was very enjoyable day had by all, and lots of new skills learnt in an interactive and engaging way.

Potato Day

This year we have been growing are own potatoes, but today it was time to harvest them. Frist, we split into groups so that we could make different recipes. Secondly, we went outside to dig out the potatoes from the two bags we planted them in. There were approximately 40 potatoes in the bags. After that, we weighed them. The potatoes weighed 850g. Then each group made different recipes, they either cooked: chips, potato salad, dauphinoise or leek, bacon and potato soup.

Other Activities

When two groups were cooking, the other two groups did activities such as how to grow potato posters, different types of potatoes and UK potatoes.


“That was the best cooking lesson I have ever had it was really fun growing the potatoes and making stuff out of the potatoes thanks for making it happen.” Nichola.
“Wow! That was the tastiest leek and potato soup ever! Thank you very much.” Mr Clarke.


Download 4 Potato Recipes from the day.

Written by Alice


To kick off our very busy term, Year 5 and 6 children travelled to Dearne Valley Kingswood, for several days of team building and challenging activities. We walked the low ropes, gave a helping hand to friends and sought new heights (on the top of crates). There was laughter, support and maybe a little water sprayed along the way. It was a fantastic start to the last term of the school year!

Did Osiris really get pulled into five pieces?

This week we have been looking at the story of Osiris and Isis, once we learnt what happened to Osiris everyone got split into groups. In their groups they wrote a scene each and then the children performed it as a radio play. (The video is black on purpose as it is a radio play)

Witham Hall

As we are nearing the end of term we have been reflecting on our P.E. lessons at Witham Hall Preparatory school.  The new sports hall provided a state of the art environment for Foxes to develop their physical skills.  The children thoroughly enjoyed their lessons having developed key skills in coordination, teamwork and in some lessons their singing! 

Each week would focus on a different key element of athletics and gymnastics.  The children were coached by a variety of staff including a G.B. Participant at the Commonwealth games.  Weekly activities included the climbing walls, basketball, musical movement, ropes and the pommel horse.  Foxes have shown determination and great spirit in every lesson and should be proud of their efforts! Well done!

Egyptian Hierarchy

This week Foxes Class have been working in groups of three to create these wondering fact files. To begin with everyone in the class got given a name, these ranged from pharaohs to slaves. Once everyone had their title they researched into who they were and then joined all their facts together. After they had finished, each group presented them to the class in order to teach everyone about the Egyptian Hierarchy.

Science Week

During Science Week Foxes class have been up to a variety of experiments. Firstly, our guided reading was based upon why we have Science Week and what this year’s theme is about.

Our first experiment was on ‘Why do we put ice on roads during winter?’, therefore, investigating how much salt was needed to prevent water freezing. This experiment provided interesting results and we manage to stop water freezing, even at -18 degrees!

We then had a plant-filled afternoon. We looked at what plants need to survive, and the role of photosynthesis. During this lesson, we dissected daffodils and looked at all the parts of these flowering plants. We have also been proving that flowers drink water by turning flowers red, blue and yellow. We are still observing these flowers and have been fascinated as they slowly change colour.


The ‘Beast from the East’ did not stop us opening today, and what an extraordinary day it was. Both Badgers and Foxes classes joined and had a snow-filled day. We enjoyed team-building activities outside in the snow, which of course included a few snowmen and snow angels, as well key team working skills. We then completed Snow themed lessons together in maths and English, incorporating the fantastic learning opportunity the snow provides.

Egyptian Day

The children looked fantastic all dressed up in their Egyptian outfits. We had gods, pharaohs, slaves, mummies and even a pyramid!

We started the day learning about mummification. After a live demonstration, which involved removing all the organs and drying out the body, all of the children had chance to embalm each other. Luckily they survived so we didn’t need to find them a sarcophagus, and bury them in a pyramid. We learnt why the Egyptians had Canopic jars, and how they stored the organs. Following this they made their own jars and organs to go inside them.

After break time they learnt about hieroglyphics and how this language uses more than 700 pictures to represent all the words, sounds and letters. They were then able to write their own messages and see if their friends were able to work out what they wrote. While this was happening groups of children went out and made flatbreads. This was a type of bread the Egyptians would have made as it didn’t have any yeast. They tasted so good and all the children took a recipe home so they could make them again.

During the afternoon we had yet more activities! The children got to make and design their own 3D pyramid, and design their own death mask using a variety of materials. Furthermore, they made salt dough cartouches. These are name plates which go on their sarcophagus so spirts can find their body again.

Roman Life

The children have produced some amazing shields, swords and helmets and taken part in a battle role play.  We have made and tasted the food of Romans in the form of Linseed bread and Cato’s cheesecake.  We will develop our Roman knowledge further this term as we start to create our play scripts and make paper mache vases.