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Foxes Class

Welcome from Mr Wilkins and all the Year 4 and Year 5 children of Foxes Class.

Foxes Class U.S.A. Road Trip

During this term, children have been discovering what life was like for the early settlers in America and built a shelter in the mini spinney using a range of materials. Children also prepared and cooked simple food on an open fire. They have researched going on a road trip to America and begun finding out the price of hotels and places to visit. Everyone has had real fun making and using a bow and arrow to catch their buffalo.

Next week will see children cooking a variety of American dishes and continuing planning their American holiday.


Last week, we prepared, organised and ran a fair in our playground.  It was a big hit and everybody had lots of fun and success.  Our wonderful parents helped support pupils with their games and the weather held out.  Poor Mr Clarke got the fright of his life when one of our resident ghosts jumped out and scared him in the haunted house.
Thank you to all the parents that made our afternoon possible.

This Term

Our topic is based on rollercoasters and theme parks and we have been investigating which forces are at work when these wonderful machines move.  We have had fun making marble runs and designing a rollercoasters car with a curved front. We have also used green screens on I-Pads to show us on a variety of theme park rides.

Currently, we are designing our own theme park ride/ game and we will be organising, managing and running a mini theme park  in our playground.

Norman Castles

Foxes are currently learning about Norman Castles; Amelia (Yr 4) has produced this video, about Norman Castles, for her homework. 

Growth Mind Set

At the Bythams Primary School we believe in a creative curriculum to engage the children. As part of this we are encouraging the children to develop a ‘Growth Mind set’. This is when children keep on trying to develop and improve, learning how they learn best and thinking about what they need to do next.

This website link to CBeebies explains the idea of a growth mind set really clearly have a look at how this really encourages children to think and learn. Growth Mind set link.