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Hedgehogs Class

Welcome to the Autumn Term in the Hedgehog Class

Letters from Zambia 1 April

Today we were very excited to receive letters from our new friends at Phobos School in Zambia, Africa. We have been busy writing our replies to the children. Please click on the letters below to read them.

Forest School

Find out about Bythams' Forest School and what our classes have been doing there

Spring has Sprung! 22 March

The Reception children have been looking in the EYFS garden for signs of Spring. They noticed that many Spring bulbs have started to flower.

Last week we went to visit the lambs at Great Wood Farm and had a lovely tractor ride around the farm. Later, we fed the lambs and played some games in the barn.


Red Nose Day 15 March

Superhero Day! 14 January

The Hedgehog class have launched their new topic of Superheroes by having a fun packed superhero day. They all dressed up as superheroes and went on a hunt for the Evil Professor Slime, who had captured Mr Clarke. The superheroes found clues around the school and traces of slime too! The eventually found Evil Professor Slime and told him ways of being kind, this convinced him to give back our beloved Mr Clarke! The superheroes needed lots of energy so they made lovely biscuits to eat. Now we are making SuperVeg after listening to the story Supertato by Sue Hendra.

The children are learning about super senses and had to use their sense of taste to identify the different flavoured crisps, this was harder than it seemed!

The Flying Scotsman 11 January

The children from Bythams Primary school were very lucky today to see the Flying Scotsman steam past. The iconic steam locomotive was making a special journey from London’s King Cross to York as a tribute to the man who rescued it from the USA.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially waving to all of the passing trains.


Our new Shed

After moving rooms the Hedgehog class needed a shed to store all their equipment. After taking delivery of the shed Shaun and Charlotte, Harriot's dad and mum, came to put the shed up in the EYFS garden. They've done a great job and we now have all our equipment on hand. Thanks so much for their hard work, mostly completed in the dark!

A wonderful Christmas Production

Once again children at Bythams school have excelled themselves and performed an outstanding Christmas production with energy and enthusiasm.  This year children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 performed the musical Magical Christmas Journey.  The story centred around four children getting ready for Christmas.  They choose a tree but cannot find a star to fit!  A magical star then leads them, and a few pick-ups along the way to the place where Jesus is born.  It was a wonderful mix of the modern with the traditional Christmas story. 

Four Year 2 children, Jack, Elodie, Tess and Lucy confidently performed (doing extremely well to learn all their lines!) ably helped by main star Lydia.  There was some truly marvellous singing and even some tango dancing sheep!  There was also some beautifully dancing stars.

As usual the costumes looked amazing – we actually invested in some new tree costumes!  When the main tree was decorated and the lights turned on there was a collective gasp from the audience!  Well done Mrs Foster!

Finally we had some wonderful refreshments provided by FOBs, drinks, cakes and even some sweets for the children.  All in all a wonderful two performances for which the children should be so proud.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Today the Hedgehog class went on a Teddy Bears Picnic to the woods. We all took our own bears with us on this adventure. When we arrived, it was a surprise to find that there were other bears having a picnic too!

We set off on a bear hunt around the woods to find some paper bears. After that, we worked in teams to make a collage bear using natural objects found on the floor. Later, we made some yummy bear food using the lots of different things in the woods. Finally we toasted marshmallows and put them between two chocolate biscuits – they were really yummy! We all had a fantastic time and not one bear was lost or harmed in the process!

Carrot Soup

Every day our class enjoy a healthy snack with a cup of milk or water.  There is usually apples, bananas, tomatoes, carrots or pears.  Sometimes we get baby cucumbers, strawberries, sugar snap peas or peas still in the pod!  This week we seem to have a surplus of carrots so we decided to make soup with them.  The reception children cut all the carrots up and added them to the soup maker, along with herbs, stock, water and an onion.  In the afternoon the children all had a little bit of the carrot soup.

Banana Words

The children found words on their snack bananas today! They needed to say the sounds and read the word. The Year 1 children found their words had been written by aliens!

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

At forest school this week the children heard the story ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ by Judith Kerr. They made tiger faces using natural things they found in the woods and made special food and drink for the tiger to have.

Friendship Biscuits

On Friday we helped make lovely biscuits for our friends, later we ate them all up!

Threading Beads

The new reception children are settling down to the routines of the school day and making new friends.

Thalia-Mae and Harriot are showing how amazing they are at threading very tiny beads.

Settling in

Another academic year begins and the Hedgehog class has 7 new reception children and 1 further Year 1 child, which now makes 19 Hedgehogs altogether.  We are now in last year’s Badger classroom, originally the school hall and dining room.


We’ve been very impressed with how all the children have settled into school life so quickly.

This term our topic is ‘Do You Want to be Friends?’ This topic will enable the children to think about the attributes which make a good friend, the similarities and differences about their friends and how to resolve problems in friendships . We’ve started off with an Ice Cream Parlour as the role play and the children have been busy making different ice creams for each other.  Over the next few weeks the classroom display boards will be filled with all the lovely work and paintings the children will do - exciting times ahead!


This link is for Tapestry, your child’s online learning journey. Please logon regularly to see what your child has been up to. Even take some photos and share what you have been doing at home.

Tapestry Online Learning Journal

A fantastic website that has lots of great maths games to help your child with numbers and shape, space and measure. Topmarks

A great website with free phonics games to help your child with all phases of their phonics. Phonics Play

This is an amazing website that offers learning experiences in all areas such as problem solving, reading, number and generally all round fun games that will engage them. The Big Bus

I can write my numbers


Phonics song

Download Phase 2 Sound Chart

Articulation Phonemes

Useful websites

Our Useful Websites page has links to some great games and information which will help some of the work we are doing in class, such as Letters and Sounds - A great website that has free phonics games and resources to help your child with all phases of their phonics.

The eSafety page has links to some websites that will give you help and advice on staying safe when you are online.

Growth Mind Set

At the Bythams Primary School we believe in a creative curriculum to engage the children. As part of this we are encouraging the children to develop a ‘Growth Mind set’. This is when children keep on trying to develop and improve, learning how they learn best and thinking about what they need to do next.

This website link to CBeebies explains the idea of a growth mind set really clearly have a look at how this really encourages children to think and learn. Growth Mind set link.