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Our Junior PCSO's

Bythams Junior PCSOs are the best!

On Monday 4th July, PCSO Emma Conkey and PCSO Jay came in to Bythams to say a huge thank you to the Bythams Junior PCSOs. The hard working, kind and caring Junior PCSOs were presented with  a medal and a certificate by Emma and Jay and the children discussed their role to the school. Joe Watson said, “My favourite part of my role was when we used the speed gun outside the school and made sure that everybody was driving at the right speed.” The Junior PCSOs were so successful this year that they are going to carry on with the project in September and 4 new Junior PCSOs will be picked to help Bythams School.

Junior PCSOs from l-r: Joe Watson, Oscar Hodge, Nichola Sharp, Amelia Blake and Imogen Leverseidge proudly display their medals and certificates.

Junior Police Community Support Officers check motorists speed outside their school.

lmost 50% of the 24 vehicles monitored, in just one hour of the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd March, were speeding when approaching the Bythams Primary School. Six pupils at the school worked with the local police as Junior Police Community Support Officers; as part of their duties they consider aspects of pupil safety in and around school.

On 2nd March a traffic policeman visited school with Emma, our Police Community Support Officer, to work with the pupils checking the speed of vehicles in the 30mph zone between the Spinney and school. As vehicles approached,their speed was recorded by the Traffic Policeman. If it was close to the 30mph speed limit the pupils gave drivers a thumb up and displayed green smiley face signs. However if the driver was speeding they were stopped by the Traffic Policeman who explained their offence and that the pupils had requested his presence. He then allowed the pupils to talk to the drivers. Their key question was, “Where are you going in such a hurry that you need to speed by our school?” They also explained that at least once each week a class walks to the Spinney and that at times they also walk to the village. This was necessary as several drivers commented that they do not speed around the times school begins and ends.

The Junior Police Community Support Officers hope that the people who were caught will consider their speed at all times in future, and will tell their family and friends of their experience in order to make the roads safer for everyone.

The Bythams Junior PCSO team are: Nichola, Amelia, Owen, Imogen, Oscar and Joe.

New team

Our new Junior PCSO’s for this term are Oscar Hodge and Amelia Blake. They have been given the task of helping other children during playtimes and lunchtimes.

This week the local police came in to meet with all of the JPCSO’s and talk about the different roles that the police hold. Next term our JCPSO’s will be leading an assembly on this. The children enjoyed talking about the different roles of the police, trying on riot protection gear, helmets and body armour!