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Welcome to Squirrels Class

 Welcome to a new school year in Squirrels class.  Welcome back to the Year 3s and a warm welcome to our new Year 2s. 

All things Greek! 20 May

We have had a wonderful term learning about the Ancient Greeks. We started with a dressing-up day where we decorated Greek pots, made Greek theatre masks and sampled some wonderful Greek food.

We have since gone on to learn a great deal about Greek myths and legends – Pandora’s box, Odysseus and the Cyclops, Perseus and Medusa and Jason and the Golden Fleece.

We have learnt about the spread of the Greek empire and the origins of the Olympic games. Look at the photos to see us in action!

Super Skeletons 20 May

In Science this term we have been looking at the human body. In particular we have been looking at the bones of the human skeleton. We had a wonderful lesson making our own skeletons from a selection of bones.

Red Nose Day 15 March

Pirate Films 15 February

This was a project that went of an awful long time but we certainly worth the effort in the end! The children all wrote their own plays – The 3 Little Pirates, their own versions of the classic tale of the 3 Little Pigs. Once finished, we chose 4 and got into groups to film them and make an i-movie. The finished results were truly amazing!

Heraldic Shields

Welcome back to a new year in Squirrels class. This term we are studying Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. For our first day back we learned about castle live and in particular Knights and we designed and made our own shields. We learned what each heraldic symbol and colour meant before deciding which to include in our shields.


As part of our topic we learnt about Motte and Bailey castles and got into groups to design and built our own castle which needed to include the following:

We have has a lot of fun making them!

The Flying Scotsman 11 January

The children from Bythams Primary school were very lucky today to see the Flying Scotsman steam past. The iconic steam locomotive was making a special journey from London’s King Cross to York as a tribute to the man who rescued it from the USA.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially waving to all of the passing trains.

A wonderful Christmas Production

Once again children at Bythams school have excelled themselves and performed an outstanding Christmas production with energy and enthusiasm.  This year children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 performed the musical Magical Christmas Journey.  The story centred around four children getting ready for Christmas.  They choose a tree but cannot find a star to fit!  A magical star then leads them, and a few pick-ups along the way to the place where Jesus is born.  It was a wonderful mix of the modern with the traditional Christmas story. 

Four Year 2 children, Jack, Elodie, Tess and Lucy confidently performed (doing extremely well to learn all their lines!) ably helped by main star Lydia.  There was some truly marvellous singing and even some tango dancing sheep!  There was also some beautifully dancing stars.

As usual the costumes looked amazing – we actually invested in some new tree costumes!  When the main tree was decorated and the lights turned on there was a collective gasp from the audience!  Well done Mrs Foster!

Finally we had some wonderful refreshments provided by FOBs, drinks, cakes and even some sweets for the children.  All in all a wonderful two performances for which the children should be so proud.

Term 1

We have got a very exciting start to our year with the wonderful topic Land Ahoy. This topic is all about pirates, navigation and the world.   

To start the term we have fun day.  We played two group games of Battleships, half of the year groups against the others, the year three game was extremely close, coming down to the final go to determine who won!

We the made up some pirate sentences, using pirate nouns that they chose from the pile.  They did this in 4 groups.  I then determined whether the sentence was worth 1, 2 or 3 points.  The group with the most points won. 

We finished the day with some pirate colouring in Maths, with addition sums ranging from 20 to 100!

I must say a warm welcome for Mrs Issett, who is now working in our class, and a welcome back to Mrs Blewett!

We are all looking forward to a fun and exciting term.