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Squirrels Class

Wriggle and Crawl

This term’s topic follows on nicely from last term, from flowers to bugs! To start the topic with a bang we had a wonderful trip to Bugtopia near Rutland water. Whilst there we wandered round and looked at all the amazing insects and animals, from ants to giant snails and bats to meercats.

We had a great handling session where those who were brave enough held a giant millipede, a giant snail and a cockcroach! We also had an extra session where we helped with the training of Dime the armadillo. We also saw a monitor lizard being exercised at our feet. We then had a bug hunt outside where we were tasked with finding as many of the bugs on the sheet as possible – we did extremely well! We had lunch near Rutland water then finished with a play on the adventure playground. All in all a wonderful day, as you can see by the photographs.

The Scented Garden

This term’s topic has a real Spring feel! It is all about growing, plants and flowers. On our introductory WOW day we made some wonderful paper flowers for our display, using a variety of techniques, as you can see they look amazing. We have been learning about the different parts of a flower and have searched the field and mini-spinney to find some wonderful examples of the various parts.

Here are some of the great examples of our make a garden homework. They look amazing!

Forest School

In Forest school, the children made their own perfumes and decorated the jars in which they were. The perfume was made with coloured water, orange and lemon juice, squeezed directly from the fruits and a variety of petals from flowers. They decorated the jars with any natural materials they could find in the mini-spinney. Finally, they added a little extra sparkle with a dash of glitter! They both look and smell amazing!

Needs of a Plant PowerPoints

In ICT and Science the children worked collaboratively to produce exciting PowerPoints to show what healthy plants needed to grow. Here are two great presentations.


Welcome to term 4’s topic Predator! This term we are focussing on Science, looking at predators and prey, what they eat, how they move and how they are made up.

In Literacy we are looking at poetry, Haikus and poetic imagery. We are also making up our own myths about our own fictional predator.

To begin the topic we had a wonderful art day, making spiders from polystyrene ball and pipe cleaners, and webs from PVA glue and glitter!

One afternoon we went to the Spinney to try and find any evidence of predators, to try our camouflaging skills, speed and stalking skills!

Snow Day

On Wednesday 28th February we had very few children in school due to the snowy weather conditions, so we continued our research into predators and tried out our artistic skills, drawing a predator of our choosing. As you can see, some of the results were amazing.

Term 3: Scrumdiddlyumptious

This term we are studying the topic Scrumdiddlyumptious which is all about food! For Literacy we have been looking at the wonderful story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and have even made our own chocolate factory for the wall of the classroom (see the picture).

Fruit Pictures

In art we had a load of different foods which we used to design some very interesting faces, see below. The children really enjoyed making them, and the best thing was they got to try the different foods afterwards!

Chocolate Bars

We designed our own chocolate bar wrappers and got to make large chocolate bars with cardboard and gold or silver foil. As you can see they were amazing.

We also made our own actual chocolate bars with a range of different ingredients to mix into them. We had mini chocolate bar moulds and heart moulds to set the chocolate in. Unfortunately one of the bowls of melted chocolate was ruined by water being spilt into it – it did of course further our scientific knowledge of what experiments work and which don’t!

Heroes and Villains WOW day

To introduce our new topic, Squirrels class had a Heroes and Villains WOW day.  The children came in dressed up as their favourite hero or villain (real or in a story).  We then had the task of designing and making an evil robot.  We used loads of boxes and junk modelling stuff then cover it with silver foil and added details with painted plastics.  The children then all posed for a photograph fighting the evil robot.  Finally they decorated a fame for the photograph so they could have a great reminder of our fun day!


One of the most enjoyable experiments we did this term was the ‘Bubble Experiment’. There were 2 parts to it. Firstly we had three separate bubble mixtures, fairy liquid and water, fairy liquid, glycerine and water and a shop bought mixture. We had to determine which was the best, determining what factors we would take into account. The children chose how long a bubble could last. The second part of the experiment was which material produced the best bubble foam when blown through.

As you can see, great fun was had by all!

More Forest School

Over the weeks of forest school we had done some extremely interesting things. We have made story sticks, the children told their stories to each other using the stick as prop and guide to the progression of the story. We have had a competition to see who could built the tallest tower that could balance a cup of water on. We have also designed and made their own monsters and even had a fashion show, modelling their masks that they had made! All in all a great few weeks.

Pancake Making

In literacy we all made some delicious pancakes so that we could write our own amazing instructions. Mrs Lovell kindly brought in her own pancake maker so the children we better able to see how they cooked. We also followed instructions on making paper aeroplanes and even origami boats!

Forest School

Our first forest school session with our experts went extremely well. The children were told the sad story of a race of little people whose homes were destroyed by a large storm. They were then given the job of creating new homes for the people using anything they could find in the mini spinney. They worked in teams and came up with some amazing creations, as you can see in the photos. They finished the session with a game of hunter, mammoth, mouse – a version of rock, paper, scissors that involved a lot of running!

Bounce WOW Day

We are beginning the year with topic Bounce, which is all about sports. It includes lessons on how we move and how different animals move, science investigations involving forces and artistic techniques such as pointillism, made famous by the artist Seurat.

We are extremely lucky to be able to work with two experts this term too. We have a PE expert helping the children to master the skills of hockey, and two forest school experts delivering exciting weekly forest school sessions.

To introduce our topic we had an afternoon of PE fun! We split into four teams which we each allocate a large box of PE equipment. They then came up with a game/obstacle course, using as much of the equipment as they could. Once they had perfected their courses, by trying them our themselves, we swapped around so that each team could try the other team’s course, They children we able to supervise their own activities and give rules and instructions to the other teams. There were some wonderfully imaginative courses!