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Home learning websites

We've collected some really good websites to help with the work we do in class.

Curriculum Support Sites

To access the Curriculum Support sites the children need to use the individual logins which they have all been given.


Looking to practice what you have been doing in class? Try these websites:

  • Bang on time - a great game to help you tell the time
  • Big Bus - Another great all round website which provides Maths, English and Topic related interactive games.
  • BBC Schools - playing games whilst everyone thinks your learning, what could be better?
  • KS1 BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize has some excellent games to support practice for SATs
  • KS2 BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize has some excellent games to support practice for SATs
  • British Council Learn English wesbite
  • Crickweb Early Years - A great website to help your child with all aspects of their learning.
  • Haring Kids - activities and games
  • ICT Games - Maths and Literacy tools and games for all ages.
  • Math Playground - use your maths knowledge to play some great games
  • Oxford Owl - reading activities for ages 3-11 and maths activities for ages 3-7. There is online access to 250 free eBooks.
  • Phonics Play - a great website with free phonics games to help your child with all phases of their phonics.
  • The Kidz Page - free games to help with learning. Both online and games to print.
  • Top Marks - A wonderful all round website which tell stories and provides interactive games.
  • Woodlands Junior School - some brilliant links for lots of different subjects and topics.

Here are some links to websites that we use to help the infant children get better at sounding out words and spelling.