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We believe that art, in all its forms, leads the way to the stimulation of children’s creativity, curiosity, imagination and self-confidence.

We provide our children with the opportunity of experiencing as wide a variety of art forms as is possible and to encourage them to examine attitudes and meaning to them.

Children develop a visual awareness and vocabulary, and an understanding of the elements of colour, texture, line, pattern and shape whilst acquiring artistic skills and techniques.

We believe that the Arts should extend beyond the confines of the National Curriculum and the school places great importance and emphasis on extra-curricular activities and developing links with artists and art providers from the wider community. All children are given equal opportunity to participate in these activities, extending their learning opportunities to include arts from many different cultures.

Examples of our Art work

Mrs Jack’s WOW Work

In my class we were looking at how water is portrayed through art and interpreted through a range of media.  

We began by looking at how water has been painted across the centuries; ranging from the work by Monet, Turner and Georgia O’Keefe.  We discussed how important it is to be inspired by real life objects and the work of others to create your own unique pieces of art.  

This then lead us on to looking at my art work.  I studied woven textiles at university, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show the children the stages of my work. This ranged from what inspired me, to my finished art work, and then how that is translated to a final woven piece.  

We then used these ideas and techniques on a simple hand loom.  Every child from the school had a turn to contribute to this final piece of fabric inspired by the colours of water, and it looks amazing! Not only did they do weaving but they all improved their skills of painting with water colours.  

The children painted their landscapes using techniques that are most effective with water colours.  Once these dried they worked on top with a range of media such as oil pastels and pencil crayons.  They were extremely effective.  

Finally everyone had a go at marbling; drops of ink were placed on water and then swirled around to create some stunning pieces of art.  All children were fantastic over the two days, the atmosphere was calm and relaxed and full of excitement, especially when they lifted up the marbling and saw their creations!

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