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Design and Technology (DT)

Our aim in Technology is to equip children with essential practical skills using a variety of materials.

At each stage of a project children are given the opportunity to experience problem solving in 3D. Children are encouraged to consider all aspects of health and safety whilst learning how to use tools specific to a project.

Children develop the practical knowledge to enable designing an end product which is appropriate to its desired end function. Children gain the skills of planning and evaluation.

Examples of our DT work

Air Power WOW day

With Mrs Leroy and Mrs Lovesey each team were exploring the flow of air. They had to design and make something that would move using wind power. This involved all sorts of creations including parachutes, planes, vehicles with sails, and boats as well as windmills. The children decided whether to work as a group, with a partner or individually. There were some brilliant ideas and some were more successful that others, but all of the children had a great time and persevered to overcome problems that they encountered. They were so excited when we tested out their creation and it moved with the electric fan.

Lions Water Challenge

In Lions class, with Mrs Hardie and Mrs Pyne, the children were part of a relief effort to provide running water to a village that had been isolated by a tidal wave.  This meant using lots of basic equipment to try to build a drain that could provide much needed clean water. The children had to face the challenges as a team and overcome barriers such as holey buckets and avoiding the contaminated water. Storm Barney provided extra challenges but the children persevered!

Pumas class WOW day - Volcanos!

The theme for this term’s WOW day was flow, inspired by Pumas’ class topic and our activity was centred around volcanos.  There were two activities:  individual volcanos made from clay, and one large group volcano made from chicken wire, boxes and covered with papier mache.

The individual ones were suitable for all ages, from Reception to Year 6 and were made by moulding a volcano shape around a plastic cup as a base.  We then created trenches in the sides, like lava running down a mountain, and filled them with red glitter.  This was extremely effective.  Finally we split the top of the plastic cup and inserted various fire coloured tissue paper, for the effect of an eruption. 
The large volcano was covered with the papier mache on day one, then painted and scrunched up tissue paper was stuck on to make it look like a mountain.  Finally, in Thursday’s assembly, the top was filled with bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring and vinegar to create our very own eruption. 

Over the 2 days, the children learned a great deal.  Their team building skills were developed, the older children actively helping the younger ones, their creativity as they decided how to style their volcanoes and often their determination to succeed, as the efforts did not always work first time!  All in all a wonderful two days!