The Bythams School

The Bythams Primary School

Creeton Road, Little Bytham, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG33 4PX

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In the teaching and learning of History we aim to develop

  • an awareness of the nature and use of evidence
  • a sense of chronology and time
  • a knowledge of events and people from the past
  • an appreciation of their thoughts, beliefs and motives.

We also aim to develop, and use correctly, historical language and vocabulary of historical terms and encourage the children to interpret, explain and ask historical questions. We use a variety of themes from Ancient Civilisations to the most recent past.

Whenever possible and appropriate, educational visits are undertaken to enhance the work being done in class. Visitors also come into school to deliver workshops and occasionally a contribution may be asked for. A range of different resources are used including videos, DVDs, CD Roms and artefacts.