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The policy at The Bythams has always been to devote a large part of our time and resources to a subject that plays an integral part in everything a child does.

With a full range of fiction and non-fiction books for each child, we hope to encourage children to talk, read and write creatively and confidently. Most of all, we hope that we can help them to enjoy and respond positively to all the elements of English work.

Literacy lessons focus on reading, writing, grammar, spelling and speaking and listening. We have developed our own materials and we build on them each year. Literacy skills are used and taught in many subjects across the curriculum. An ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in the written word, is essential if children are to achieve their full potential in school and in adult life.

Our first pen licences!

We are very proud to launch pen licences this week.  The pen licence is issued to children when they consistently show that they take pride in their presentation and consistently join letters in their writing.  However the licence can be revoked if these standards are not maintained.  We have had several children gaining their licence this week, children from Lions, Tigers and Pumas class. We are looking forward to seeing their beautiful work and hopefully more children will be gaining the licences in the coming weeks.  A big well done!

Examples of our Literacy work

Celebrating Writing at the Bythams School

Hot Chocolate Super Writers

Here are the latest Bythams Super Writers who have had their amazing writing displayed on the Wonderful Writing Wall.  Mr Clarke also treats them to a hot chocolate, a biscuit and some marshmallows which they enjoy as they share their super writing tips with the rest of the group.

Celebrating Reading at the Bythams School

At the Bythams Primary School we have children who are really motivated to read and parents who are very supportive with this.

Children have a book mark in their house colour, and each time that they have read five times at home they get a sticker for their bookmark. Once children have filled up their bookmark on both sides they can choose their very own free book from Mr Clarke the Head teacher. As you can see they are very excited and proud when they achieve this award

Here are some quotes from Stephen and Harvey Year One children,  from Leopards class who recently managed to fill up their bookmarks.

This is awesome I really love dinosaurs this looks like a really interesting book. I can’t wait to read it with mummy!” exclaimed Stephen.

I’m really proud that I got my book, I worked hard with my reading at home, I chose this book it looks really good. I’m really happy I chose this book.” Said Harvey.