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Physical Education (PE)

Children at the Bythams Primary School are encouraged and given the opportunity to participate to the best of their ability in a wide variety of sports, games and physical activities. It is recognised that children are naturally enthusiastic about movement and we aim to develop this to enable them to become both skilful and creative.

Foundation Stage

In Foundation the children follow the Development Matters and Foundation Stage Profile frameworks when delivering PE. The PE at this stage includes fundamental multi-skills, dance and gymnastics.

Key Stage 1

In Key Stage 1, a programme of games, athletics, dance and gymnastic activities is planned.

Year 1 children focus on fundamental skills such as throwing, catching, running, jumping and hitting in their games and athletics lessons. Their gymnastics and dance lessons develop their fundamental movement and balance skills.

Year 2 follow a similar programme to Year 1 but during the spring and summer terms they start to focus more on transferring their fundamental skills in to specific sports activities including tag rugby, basketball, cricket, tennis and more. This allows for a smooth transition into Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2, the above programme is extended and arranged with the addition of indoor athletics, outdoor and adventurous activities and a course of swimming for Years 3 - 6. The games unit is split into individual sport covering all the areas of invasion games, net/wall games and striking and fielding games.

Swimming is taught, using a qualified swimming instructor, and covers areas such as water skills, stroke development and enjoyment.

A competitive sports day is organized yearly for both key stages. This is the final competition of the House Championships.

We are very proud of the sporting successes the children have achieved in recent years and in order to maintain this success, we have many after school sports clubs for children to attend. These after school clubs cover all the sports we compete in including tag rugby, basketball, cricket, football, netball and more. As a school we take part in many different sporting competitions and festivals throughout the year allowing many children to experience playing against children from other schools.

Fitness Club

Jogging Disatances

Following the launch of the Bythams Fitness Club, we have decided to keep track of how far the children run.  The aim is to see how far round the world the children could get and which countries, capital cities and landmarks they might see along the way.

So far we have been to:

  • Bythams to Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh to Belfast
  • Belfast to Dublin
  • Dublin to Cardiff
  • Cardiff to London
  • London to Paris
  • Paris to The Hague
  • The Hague to Hamburg
  • Hamburg to Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen to Oslo
  • Oslo towards Stockholm
  • Stockholm to Helsinki
  • Helsinki to Moscow
  • Moscow to Minsk
  • Minsk to Warsaw
  • Warsaw to Kiev
  • Kiev to Budapest
  • Budapest to Vienna
  • Vienna to Zagreb
  • Zagreb to Sarajevo
  • Sarajevo to Athens

Bythams Fitness Club Route From Vienna

Bythams Fitness Club Route From Copenhagen

Bythams run to Copenhagen

Bythams children pass the 2,000 mile barrier and run to Copenhagen in Denmark!
As part of the Bythams Fitness Club, the children and teachers of Bythams Primary School run around the school field every day as part of their campaign to improve fitness for all.  Since the club started over 12 weeks ago, the children have run over 2,000 miles. The children are plotting these miles on a map running through all of the capital cities around the world so not only are the children keeping fit, they are also learning about the different countries of the world and their capital cities. The children also have to track how many kilometres they have run as a class and also as a school (then the older children convert it to miles), so there are all sorts of real life learning opportunities in maths as well.

On Friday 12th February at 8.45 am in order to celebrate this fantastic landmark of running over 2,000 miles and reaching Copenhagen in Denmark, the children ran with parents and staff.  After the run as a special treat, the children and parents celebrated this achievement by enjoying a delicious Danish pastry.  Head Teacher Mr Clarke said “The Bythams Fitness Club has been a huge success. All of the children enjoy their daily run and a lot of the older children are now running over a mile a day. Our running journey is displayed in school and also on the school website and the children are really excited about it and it is great to be able to ask the parents to join us!”

One of our parents, Emma Jones said "I really enjoyed the run this morning, it was inspirational to see the fun and enthusiasm of the children, staff and parents were having.  I'm looking forward to hearing which "city" they have reached in the world next.  Keep on running the Bythams! "  

Sporting activities and acheivements

Oarsome Bythams

Eight Year 5 children visited Charles Read Academy to take part in the Indoor Rowing Challenge. It was the first time that the children had tried rowing and they were all amazing! It was great to watch them work so hard and row with such skill  as well as offering advice and supporting each other. They were an absolute credit to the school. Well done Poppie Read, Shae Barends, Wilfred Stafford, Leticia Hill, Georgia Wakefield, Isaac Woodward, Chloe Carr and Booby Wakefield.

Table Tennis Champions December 16

Bythams have retained the Sports Stars Table Tennis cup. A very well done to our Table Tennis Stars: Olivia Anderson, Ellie-Sky Johnson, Max Goring and Louis Humphries. They were amazing!

Bythams Bisi Badminton

On Thursday 3rd November, some super talented year 4 and 5 children went to Stamford Welland School for a Bisi Badminton afternoon. The children were amazing! They had lots of fun learning new skills in the fast paced sport of Badminton. By the end of the session they were absolutely fantastic! They were so well behaved and a real credit to the School. Well done and thank you to: Amelia, Nichola, Ashleigh, Leo, Shae and Wilfred.

Bythams Cricket Champions

On Monday 16th May, the Bythams Cricket Team played in a cricket competition at the Charles Read Academy against a number of other local primary schools. The team played brilliantly and were able to win all of their matches. As well as displaying some fantastic cricket skills, the team were also very sporting and even encouraged the opposition, offering support and encouragement. They were true champions and a credit to Bythams Primary School. Mrs Emma Jones who came to support the team stated “There are some really talented cricket players at Bythams and they showed great skills to win the tournament. Congratulations to the team!”

The Cricket Champions showing their medals and shiny trophy – from left – right: Murphy Charles, Cameron McMillan, Louis Humphries, Zak Teillant, Amber Jones, Ellie-Sky Johnson and Max Goring.

Bythams Table Tennis Tournament Report

The Bythams School was invited to a table tennis tournament at Charles Read Academy in December.  We were playing a competition against 3 other schools.  The first team we played was Ingloldsby, we played 8 games against them and won 8 games, it was an excellent result.  The second team we played was Ropsley and again we played 8 games against them, won 7 and lost 1.  We were very proud of the result.  The final team we played was South Witham, playing and winning 8 games.  We won 23 out of 24 matches, that’s amazing.
The ‘fantastic four’ players were Zak, Poppy A, Angus and Eva.

Thank you to Mr Clarke our awesome coach, we would never had managed without his help.
By Poppy Allext and Eva Mounsor

Year 3 Cheerleading

The Year 3 children enjoyed a very exciting day at Stamford Welland Academy, when they attended a cheerleading festival. The session was hosted by a very enthusiastic and talented lady called Beth, who had 7 different schools working hard to perform a routine together at the end of the day. Throughout the day they did different routines, learning new terminology and cheers. "Big T, small T, side T, clap" became a normal chant during the day. Children then performed their own stunts, where they had roles such as a pony and a flyer and all had a chance to be lifted into the air. It was a truly spectacular day; all children (and adults) enjoyed it and will be performing it to the class during celebration assembly. The children were perfect role models to the school and worked brilliantly as a team.

Bythams Fitness Club off to a flying start

The children and staff of Bythams Primary School have started their daily running fitness club on a specially marked circuit in the school grounds with the view to improving the health of pupils and staff in the school.

The extra 15 minutes of exercise a day is in addition to the 2 hours of PE the children cover every week.

Head teacher Richard Clarke said “The scheme has been introduced to ensure the children are fit and healthy. After their run they return to class focused, energised and ready to learn, bright-eyed and with a lovely healthy glow in their cheeks. It's also developing the children's social, emotional and mental wellbeing. They're able to come outside and socialise with their peers in a different way than they would at lunch or playtime."

The children are really enjoying the scheme as well and can already feel the benefits. Zak Teillant aged 10 added, “I can’t wait to get my trainers on and run around the school field. After the run, I feel wide awake and it also helps me work better in class. I am already feeling fitter and have started running more after school. It’s good for everybody in school to do it and gets everybody active!”
The Bythams Fitness Club has the long term goal of ensuring that the children of Bythams Primary School are healthy and happy and full of enthusiasm for their learning.