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PSHE and Citizenship

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at The Bythams has a whole school approach based on what is required by the National Curriculum. This approach is alongside the treatment of issues that are deemed relevant to Primary School children, as and when they arise.

We recognise that good sex education is about relationships and, working alongside the curriculum for RE, is conducted in the context of loving, stable and respectful relationships. Major aspects of human reproduction are taught in Year 6, and outside agencies come into school to talk to the children about puberty and its attendant bodily changes. Parents may withdraw children from all or part of the sex education given, except that which is required as part of the Science curriculum.

Many aspects of PSHE are taught through literature chosen for use in the Literacy Hour.

Aspects of citizenship are especially appropriate for Year 6 children.

Peer Mediators are trained, and available, to offer initial support to other children who may have minor problems at playtimes.

Examples of our PSHE work

Air Power WOW day

With Mrs Leroy and Mrs Lovesey each team were exploring the flow of air. They had to design and make something that would move using wind power. This involved all sorts of creations including parachutes, planes, vehicles with sails, and boats as well as windmills. The children decided whether to work as a group, with a partner or individually. There were some brilliant ideas and some were more successful that others, but all of the children had a great time and persevered to overcome problems that they encountered. They were so excited when we tested out their creation and it moved with the electric fan.

Lions Water Challenge

In Lions class, with Mrs Hardie and Mrs Pyne, the children were part of a relief effort to provide running water to a village that had been isolated by a tidal wave.  This meant using lots of basic equipment to try to build a drain that could provide much needed clean water. The children had to face the challenges as a team and overcome barriers such as holey buckets and avoiding the contaminated water. Storm Barney provided extra challenges but the children persevered!