The Bythams School

The Bythams Primary School

Creeton Road, Little Bytham, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG33 4PX

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House Groups

Pupils are allocated a house colour when they join the Bythams.  We have 4 houses, Blue Hawks, Green Tornadoes, Yellow Harriers and Red Firefiles.

During the week the children can earn ‘House Points’ by completing great work, being kind and considerate or by just being a fantastic Bythams pupil. 

At the end of each week the points are added up and totalled to give us ‘Weekly Points’ and a winning house group each week.

The weekly points are then turned into annual appoints by allocating, 4 points to the house group with the most weekly points, 3 points to the house group with the 2nd highest number of weekly points, 2 points for the house group with the 3rd highest number of weekly points and 1 point for the house group with the least number of points.

The annual points are then add week by week to give the ‘Annual Points Total’.

At the end of the school year a cup will be award to the house with the most points.



Weekly Points

Weekly Points
converted to annual

Annual Points Total

















This year the teams are:

Blue Hawks

Green Tornadoes

Yellow Harriers

Red Fireflies

Blue House Captains

Green Captains

Yellow Captains

Red Captains

Macy Rodaway
House Captain

Amber Jones
House Captain

Oscar Hodge
House Captain

Ellie-Sky Johnson
House Captain

Louis Humphries
Vice Captain

Olivia Anderson
Vice Captain

Max Goring
Vice Captain

Lara Bradshaw
Vice Captain


Mrs Jack

Mr Starr

Mrs Wilson

Mr Walkins

Mrs Golby

Mrs Lovesey

Mrs Pyne

Mrs Foster

Mrs Alexander

Mrs D Wilson

Mrs King

Mrs S Wilson


Matilda Hulme

Amber Jones

Max Goring

Lara Bradshaw

Holly Allett

Olivia Spires

Seb Duxbury

Joe Watson

Laura Jackson

Olivia Anderson

Oscar Hodge

Dan Watson

Louis Humphries

Paige Leverseidge

Wilfred Stafford

Lucy Blythe

Macy Rodaway

Imogen Leverseidge

Daniel Ellington

Ellie-Sky Johnson

Bobby Wakefield

Jessie Parker

Nichola Sharp

Lucas Johnson

Georgia Wakefield

Poppie Read

Holly Pollard-Jarman

Lilly Barrett

Ronnie Wakefield

Isabella Marriott

Matilda Hind

Isaac Woodward

Amelia Blake

Willow Westgate

Lily McMillan

India Espin-Silvester

Noah Humphries

Finlay Gray

Ava Hodge

Ben Stevenson

Oscar Teillant

Georgia Milne

Leigha Sharp

Grace Stevenson

Lydia Newton

Jack Wiles

Ashleigh Goodall

Kuba Doran

Jacob Bannister

Faith Spires

Callum Courtman-Derry

Alice Barratt

Isabella Pridgeon

Mazie Basden

Hannah Woodward

Ella Barratt

Josh Brierley

Harry Hodgkin

Sam Pollard-Jarman

Talitha Rees

Jess Brierley

Lola Anderson -Smith

Elysia Hind

Alfie Johnson

Alfie Martin

Jake Johnson-Graham

Taylor Goring

Seth Woodward

Lily-Anna Teillant

Jayda Johnson-Graham

Peter Bridge

Willow Lawrence

Lucy Bannister

Jack Parker

Amelia Lidgley

Elizabeth Shearer

Shae Barends

Archie Read

Elodie Kieran

Leticia Hill

Indra Barends

Grace Basden

Chloe Carr

Zaiden Hill

Harrison Burke

Leo Kavanagh

Lucas Carr

Lydia Rees

Tallulah Burke

Daniel Kavanagh

Conor Longmuir

Tess Clarke



Egan Batty

Caitlyn Brudenell




Archie Hills