The Bythams School

The Bythams Primary School

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House Groups

Pupils are allocated a house colour when they join the Bythams.  We have 4 houses, Blue Hawks, Green Tornadoes, Yellow Harriers and Red Firefiles.

During the week the children can earn ‘House Points’ by completing great work, being kind and considerate or by just being a fantastic Bythams pupil. 

At the end of each week the points are added up and totalled to give us ‘Weekly Points’ and a winning house group each week.

The weekly points are then turned into annual appoints by allocating, 4 points to the house group with the most weekly points, 3 points to the house group with the 2nd highest number of weekly points, 2 points for the house group with the 3rd highest number of weekly points and 1 point for the house group with the least number of points.

The annual points are then add week by week to give the ‘Annual Points Total’.

At the end of the school year a cup will be award to the house with the most points.

Congratulations to our new House Captains

Our House Captains this year are:
Green House: Imogen Leverseidge and Willow Westgate

Blue House: Amelia Blake and Holly Allett

Red House: Grace Stevenson and India Espin-Silvester

Yellow House: Ashleigh Goodall and Dan Ellington

House Captains are elected by the members of their own house to provide leadership, support and encouragement to their house members. Each member can earn House Points not only through their work, but also by displaying our school values. These are converted into the stickers on the basis of the most points earned, which can be seen on the House Point board. At the end of the year the winning House is awarded the House Cup.