The Bythams SchoolOur Ethos and Values

At The Bythams, our belief is that all children have the right to a stimulating learning environment where they are motivated to learn through the provision of a varied and exciting curriculum.  We promote excellent standards of behaviour, have high expectations and are committed to high standards of achievement for all our pupils.

The Bythams’ Values

At The Bythams we:

Promoting Fundamental British Values in Bythams Primary School

In accordance with The Department for Education we aim to actively promote British values in schools to ensure young people leave school prepared for life in modern Britain. Pupils are encouraged to regard people of all faiths, races and cultures with respect and tolerance and understand that while different people may hold different views about what is "right" and "wrong", all people living in England are subject to its law.

The Key Values are:

What parents say about our school

Our daughter has had a really wonderful time at The Bythams school.  She has made so many great friends and achieved impressive academic progress.  There is a fantastic Before/After School club on site which also helps when you are a working parent.  But most importantly to us as parents, she knows that she has belonged to a fantastically encouraging and nurturing school 'family' community in which she has been a valued and contributing member, where we as parents have always received a warm welcome too.  She has always been happy and enthusiastic to go to school.   

Communication with The Bythams' dynamic, fun and approachable Headteacher; the whole team of highly committed teachers and support staff has always been great so we know about her successes and all the upcoming events to attend and share.  The staff team put in so many hours of their own time to enhance the childrens' learning experiences and the curriculum is rich and varied as a result.

In this school our daughter has known and felt that she is valued and has something to offer.  We have always felt that the school has a really friendly atmosphere and the children are always polite and are encouraged to celebrate their talents and show kindness and respect to visitors and each other.

We would strongly recommend this school because it is a unique and very special place for children to learn. It has given our initially shy child the very best springboard into her next phase of education. By encouraging her to participate in and get the most out of a very wide range of stimulating and fun learning experiences (during the school day and extra-curricular clubs and activities) our daughter has made progress in every way. She has had her confidence in her abilities built up from day one right through until her last emotional day in Year 6. It feels so sad for her to be leaving but with the great send off she had and the wonderful memories she will take with her.. I am reassured that she will go on to face new challenges with ongoing success. We can't thank The Bythams team enough for all they have done to provide such a happy and positive start to her education!

Sarah Murray

The Bythams Primary School has given our daughter Isabella wonderful grounding and has fully prepared her brilliantly for the transition to Bourne Grammar School in September.

She has genuinely loved her 7-years at The Bythams; always keen and happy to walk through the school gates each morning and get on with her day.

She has been encouraged and nurtured throughout her entire time at the school and driven to achieve high standards. Her confidence and belief in herself has grown enormously in this last year and we have no doubt that this is down to the guidance and care provided by her Year 6 teachers.

Equally, we to have always felt very encouraged by the caring nature of the school and its leadership and share in the feeling of belonging that they have installed in all pupils.

The experiences and lasting memories created at school are without any doubt intrinsically linked to the people you are surrounded by, both teachers and other pupils. Any child beginning their education at the Bythams is an extremely fortunate child indeed!

We thank you, Richard and all your staff for your help, encouragement, guidance and hard work over the last seven years.

Sharon Marriott

Our daughter came to The Bythams School towards the end of Year 2. We visited the school prior to moving to Castle Bytham and our daughter loved the feel and atmosphere so we decided to relocate. She is now in Year 6 and is at the end of her time at Bythams. She has changed so much since starting there and is now a confident, sociable girl who is going miss her primary school so much. The teachers have taught her to embrace her creativity and have confidence in her own ability. She is completely ready to start her new adventure at Bourne Grammar School and we have the Bythams School to thank for that. The teaching staff are excellent and the headmaster engages with both parents and students in a wonderful way. We have become part of the Bythams family and will be forever grateful that our daughter is the amazing girl she is today, all because of this fantastic school. We can’t thank you enough.

Louise, Andy and Ashleigh Goodall

Elizabeth joined The Bythams half way through Year 3. Beginning school in reception can be daunting enough but relocating halfway through your Primary School can also be quite scary. Despite this Elizabeth settled in quickly and was made to feel welcome and part of the school community immediately. She has successfully made friends and navigated her way through her school. The staff at the school have been amazing in making sure her individual needs are met both in and out of the classroom. Her experience of Before /After school club has been an invaluable addition to her wonderful Bythams education. She has received quality support in all areas of her learning. The guidance and nurturing of all staff across the school has had such a positive impact on her development I feel sure she is armed with the best possible chance to continue her successes into her Secondary School. If my child's experience of school is anything to go by I simply can't recommend The Bythams highly enough. Thank you to Mr Clarke and all the team.

Kerry Shearer