The Bythams SchoolExciting Enrichment Days at The Bythams

Badgers' Class

We have had an exciting and varied curriculum this year in Badgers Class.

In Autumn Term our topic was World War 2. We travelled back in time during our class trip to Stibbington village, experiencing what is was like to be an evacuee.
We made three dishes that were popular during World War 2 in class: Potato Jane, Corn Beef Fritters, Carrot Cake. We then tasted each of these dishes during a VE celebration afternoon.

As part of our Frozen Kingdom topic we designed our own artwork based on the beautiful artwork of the Inuit – these are the people of the Arctic.
We looked at the properties of ice and Mrs Shepherd created a large iceberg out of ice that we studied as it was melting.
We also looked at how animals have evolved and adapted to living in the coldest climates of the world.

During our Blood Heart topic, in pairs, we dissected a pig’s heart, closely examining all the different parts of the heart’s anatomy.

In the Spring Term we were lucky enough to have Mrs. Gray as a temporary Teaching Assistant. As a dance instructor she gave the class several high energy dance workouts.

For our Hola Mexico topic we found out about Mexico’s Day of the Dead, a traditional holiday which includes family and friends gathering to pay their respects and celebrate their family or friends who have died. We designed and then painted our own brightly coloured Day of the Dead masks.
We designed and then made our own Mexican Paletas, which are a traditional Mexican frozen treat.

To help the class adjust to the transition from one school year to another we had a visit from Paralympic cyclist Sam Ruddock. He shared his experiences of transitions and showed the class different coping strategies through many classroom-based games and activities.

World Book Day

Our whole school celebrated our love of reading non-fiction books on World Book Day. Everyone was dressed as a detail from a non-fiction book: ranging from bees to astronauts; from Mary Berry to ancient Egyptians. As you can see in our photos, we looked amazing! Each class also took part in a wide range of fun activities involving reading, research, art and library activities with non-fiction books. As a final celebration, we held an Assembly to share all our class activities and enjoy seeing everyone’s fabulous costumes.

For World Book Day, each child brought in a book that they no longer read. These donations have now been boxed up to send to the Phobus Trust School in Zambia. We even wrote a personal message inside each book, for the children at the Phobus Trust to read.

British Science Week

We had so much fun during our British Science Week this year. We incorporated our own science topics into British Science Week to give the children more time to explore their current topics. We were also very lucky that, after an invitiation was sent out to parents and friends of Bythams, we had visits from Helen, a radiographer, and Mark, a pilot.

Helen spoke to the children about how science is used in her job, through the different machines that can see inside our bodies and the knowledge needed to be able to diagnose any problems.

Mark was able to talk about thrust and air resistance in relation to planes. He also explained some of the engineering behind the plane and how different bits work to make it possible to fly.

The children had a great time during British Science Week. We hoped that our focus would make children more aware of science (and other STEM subjects: technology, engineering and maths) and its influence on their everyday life. We often take it for granted that science is useful.

We used British Science Week to remind our school that science has had an effect everything we do, from driving a car to heating up our food; washing our hands and taking medicines.