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We have a great selection of clubs this term.

Monday lunchtime

STEM Club with Mrs Hardie

Monday 3.15 – 4.15

Sports Club with Mr Clarke
Start Art with Jo Hammond

Tuesday 3.15 – 4.15

Singing Club with Mrs Wilson (Yrs2-6)
ICT Club with Mrs Jack (Yrs 1 -3)
Fun Club with Mrs Foster (Foundation Stage)

Thursday lunchtime

Digital Leaders with Mrs Jack

Thursday 3.15 - 4.15

Netball Club with Mrs Marshall
Gardening Club

Friday lunchtime

Eco Club with Mrs Shepherd

Friday 3.15 – 4.15

One Touch Football Club

The Railway Children's Day Nursery

The Railway Children’s Day Nursery provides before and afterschool care for children at the Bythams School. 

For full details and costs of the serivce they offer please contact Julie Anderson on 01780 410055.

Music Lessons

The music lessons are provided by Mr Emmett who is a private music tutor.

Details on instruments taught and costs can be found on the Music lesson information sheet.

Football Team

A big Thank You to Mike Derry of Foremark Garage, for sponsoring our football team. His generosity has bought us a new kit, drinks bottles and a sports bag.

Lets get cooking accreditation 2014/15

Start Art Club

3D Triangular Pyramid Lamps

The artists are working on embellishing their panels which will form the sides and base of their lamps.

Singing Club

Young Voices

On Monday 21st January, singing club went to Birmingham Genting Arena to experience, and perform in, a Young Voices concert. It was a truly fantastic day. We left at lunchtime and attended an afternoon practice along with 6,500 other children. Then for the main event. At 7pm went performed for an audience of 10,000 friends and family for two and a quarter hours. We sang, danced and accompanied three special guest performers, most notably Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet.

Many parents came along to watch and enjoy the tremendous atmosphere. The whole event was stage like a professional concert, with a compere, dance crew and amazing lighting effects. The children had spent many months learning the songs and dances by heart, no mean feat as there were 12 songs, some over 8 minutes long! Their behaviour was exemplary, a must with over 15,000 people trying to exit the arena at once! The children loved the experience and are already talking about next year. Parents were also blown away by the experience. One said, “We all had the most amazing time and it’s something my child will remember forever.” Another said their child “hasn’t stopped talking about how good it was.” We are all already planning next year!

Singing Club Special Guest

In Singing club this week, we had a special guest, a local guitarist who just happened to be Mrs Wilson’s son!  Stuart is a member of 2 local bands and plays both acoustic and electric guitar.

Over the past few weeks, the members of Singing club have been learning one of the songs that Stuart has written for one of his bands.  Stuart then agreed to come in and accompany the children singing it and then carried on and played along to some other songs they had learned.

They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and Stuart said that he may come back later in the year with his much louder electric guitar!

For a small taste of what they sounded like watch the video. 

Stem Club

This year, Mrs Hardie is running a STEM Club during Monday lunchtimes. 14 children from years 5 and 6 will work through 8 challenged to complete their Superstar Crest Award. The aim of STEM Club is to show that science, technology, engineering and maths all form the basis of contextual problem solving situations.

This Term

STEM club has been very active this term, with topics ranging from ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’: exploring materials that would plug a hole in a bucket; and ‘Disappearing Dinosaurs’: a research topic to see if we could get to the bottom of the dinosaur disappearance. The discussion at the end of the last topic was very interesting and the children were very passionate about their research.

This week, we started looking at fingerprints. We spent time looking at how fingerprints can be transferred onto different materials and the best way to retrieve a fingerprint.

There’s a hole in my bucket

This week in STEM club, the children had to fix the hole in the bucket (pudding pot) using a variety of everyday items. They tried blu-tac, masking tape, duct tape and a few different tissue types. The children loved fixing the hole. We even sang a bit of the song – There’s a hole in my bucket, dear Liza…

Clever Camouflage

Our last SuperStar Challenge was all about camouflage. We looked at how different animals camouflage themselves against their habitat or each other, in the case of zebras, which makes it harder for their predator.
We spent time creating camouflage for our butterflies and placed them in different areas in and around school. There were some excellent specimens that really blended in with the surroundings.

Great work, Stemmers.

Challenge 2 - Bird Nests

This week in STEM club, we looked at engineering in nature. We had to find natural resources in the Mini Spinney to build our very own bird’s nest and each pair was given clay to use (sparingly) as a glue. Initially, the children thought it was going to be really easy until they realised that they were not allowed to use their hands. Each child was given one peg to use as their beak, and they had to work together to place sticks and add the ‘glue’. Stay tuned for the finished nests….

Challenge 1 – Bridge Blunder

The children had to come up with a new design for a bridge that would be able to withstand weight. They were only allowed to use 5 pieces of A4 paper and a minimal amount of sellotape.


Gardening Club

Bythams' Orchard

The Bythams gardening club have been busy planting some apple trees for our very own orchard. The trees were kindly donated by the Stamford Community Orchard Group. A big thanks to Rachael Barrett and her team of gardeners for starting off our very own orchard. Can’t wait for the first harvest!

Eco Club

Recycling assembly

Eco Club presented their recycling assembly to Key Stage 2. They explained how plastic, glass, paper and cans should be recycled and not just thrown away. Mother Nature visited and said that she was sad as we were not looking after our planet properly; everyone agreed that they would try to recycle in the future!


Recycling for Air Ambulance

At the Bythams, Eco Club have been asking everybody to bring in their plastic milk bottle tops. These are then recycled and the proceeds go to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance Service.

Since September we have collected a mighty 11.6kg of milk bottle tops! Thank you very much and keep bringing in your donations.

Our Eco Councillors with 8.6kg of milk bottle tops!


Chicken Dippers with Cucumber and Sweet and Sour Dips

Sadly this was the final Year 6 Cooking Club session as they leave us in September. We hope they will share their considerable cooking knowledge and skills with their new school friends.

This was a fun messy session involving carefully cutting the chicken into even-sized pieces and then dipping them into flour, egg and cheesy breadcrumbs. While they were baking the team made two dipping sauces to taste test before taking samples home. The final result of the taste test was: 2 votes for the cucumber dip, 4 votes for sweet and sour! No voting needed for the chicken pieces - just lots of "Mmmmm...mmms" from smiley faces!

Download our Crunchy Chicken Dippers Recipe

Patatas Bravas

Using rosemary from the school garden plus lots of chopped tomatoes the Year 6 cooks made and served Patatas Bravas to celebrate our reaching Madrid on the morning run. The team did an amazing job of peeling and chopping enough potatoes and onions to feed over 100 pupils, parents and staff – great job everyone!

Download our Patatas Bravas recipe

Leek and Potato Soup

Download our Leek and Potato Soup recipe

Christmas Biscuits

Download our Christmas Biscuits recipe

Cosmic Yoga

Comsic Yoga club for Key Stage 1 children is a real hit! The group are incredibly focused and work hard at making their bodies do the correct poses. Its an awful lot of fun!

Science Club

This term we have looked at forces and air pressure. The children have had fun with the stomp rocket, evaluating how air can force an object and also investigated air pressure using everyday objects. We discussed why a ball of paper could not be blown into the bottle and how we could change the flow of air to get the ball inside the bottle.

Rugby Tournament

On Tuesday 28th November the year 5-6 Tag Rugby team went to Charles Reed academy to play in a tournament. It was super cold and slippery! First we played against Corby Glen. We won 8-3 and this match was really easy. The pitch was huge! We played four matches in total, our last match was against Edenham and this was our closet match. The end score was 7-5 to us.

In the end we came first. Mr Wilkins was so pleased he was shouting his head off the whole way back!

Willow Westgate

On Tuesday 28th November the Tag rugby team went to Charles Reed Academy to play in a rugby tournament. Our first game was against Corby Glen and we won 8-2. It was really easy but the ground was very slippery.

All the pitches we played on were really huge and it was a really cold day.

After playing a few more games we faced Edenham as our last match. It was really close but we stuck on for victory and won 7-5.

In the end we won the whole tournament and we got gold medals to keep, a trophy and a wooden plaque. What an amazing day!

Lucas Johnson

Bythams Football Superstars

On Thursday 2nd November, Bythams Primary Football team entered the South West Lincolnshire Football tournament . There were 12 teams in total spilt into two leagues. Our team was brilliant and we managed to win 3 of our 5 games and came runners up in League B. That meant that we were in the semi-finals! It was a tough match and unfortunately we lost 3-0. We then played against St Sebastians and were so proud of our third place Bronze medal! For some of the team it was their first football medal (and hopefully not their last!).

The children were brilliant and we are all so proud of their achievement and how well they played as a team and supported each other. They were a credit to Bythams School. As you can see from the photographs, the team were very proud of their medals! A massive well done to the Football Team who are: Joe Watson, Shae Deaves, Daniel Ellington, Ben Stevenson, Wilfred Stafford, Isaac Woodward, Lucas Johnson and Seb Duxbury. Come on you reds!