The Bythams SchoolPupil Premium and Sports Funding

Pupil premium

At the Bythams, we support all our children. We do this by providing high quality teaching supplemented by interventions to support learners when needed.
Every year the school receives an amount of money to support some of our children in overcoming particular barriers, this amount is calculated based on the number of children in school who qualify for funding.  The school receives £1,350 for each child eligible and £1,900 for every Looked After Child. 

The Pupil Premium is a government initiative which began in 2011, and is designed to support children who are deemed to be from a disadvantaged background. Money is paid to the school which is then used to target resources in a way which benefits these children. Children who have been on Free School Meals at any point over the past six years, and any children who have been in care for one day or more are provided for through Pupil Premium.

The school also receives £300 every year for each child who has a parent who is (or has) worked in the armed services during the time their child is at primary school. This is called Service Premium. This money is used primarily to ensure continuity in education for those children who may move between schools regularly and support for their emotional health and well-being if their parent is away on active service.

The government does not dictate what the money is spent on, but it is intended that the money should be used to narrow the gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils. The school is able to decide the best way for this to happen.

Each academic year, we review the impact that our Pupil Premium spending has had on the children's development and we look to identify ways to ensure that we are 'narrowing the gap' for our vulnerable learners for the following year.

The impact of our high quality teaching and intervention work is monitored through termly pupil progress meetings where we review the impact that our Pupil Premium spending has had on the children’s development.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-2021 Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-2022

Sports Funding

School Vision

Every student shall develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, maintain physical fitness, regularly participate in physical activity, understand the short and long-term benefits of physical activity, and value and enjoy physical activity as an ongoing part of a healthy lifestyle.

What is the Sports Premium?

The government is providing schools across the country with additional funding to support sports and PE, as part of an ongoing initiative to improve the health and wellbeing of children. This year, the Bythams received funding of £17,710.

How we use the Sports Funding

This funding allows us to spend our Sports Premium money on effectively encouraging sport and physical wellbeing. The funding has been used in the following ways:

  • Purchasing equipment for sports clubs
  • Maintenance of astro turf
  • Paying towards the Sports Lead salary
  • Upgrading and maintenance of Early Years and Key Stage 1 outdoor areas
  • Paying for professional development opportunities in sport
  • Participating in sport competitions
  • Providing places for pupils at after-school sport clubs

Key achievements to date until July 2021

  • Children receive a minimum of 2 hours of sports a week, which includes at least 10 minutes exercise each day.
  • High numbers of children leave the school having reached the government expectation for swimming.
  • We have consistently taken part in a large number of sporting competitions, with local and regional schools, achieving well in these competitions by providing comprehensive training sessions for those with an interest or talent in these sports. Please be aware that sporting events were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020-2021.

Areas of further improvement

  • Through the continuation of sporting activities at lunchtimes and introducing physical exercise ‘breaks’ throughout the day, we will reach the target of at least 30 minutes physical activity each day.
  • We aim for 100% of children leaving in Year 6 having achieved the government expectations for swimming.
  • We would like to maintain a large number of sporting events run throughout the year for children, whilst considering and complying with the changes brought about by Covid-19.
  • We will be further supporting staff competency and skills in delivering a range of sports to children as part of the PE curriculum through the introduction of a new PE scheme, which ensures staff progression of skills and knowledge from EYFS to Year 6.